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Nothing too important to see here folks. Just that in the light if the recent case involving Dr. Christopher Thompson, who might not have been convicted had other cyclists not documented his previous aggressive behavior towards cyclists, I’m just cataloging here an incident that happened this morning in the extremely unlikely event that it can be used to help out a fellow cyclist down the road.

This morning at approx. 7:45 a.m., heading south on Shiloh Rd, between 14th St. and Plano Parkway, I was passed within approximately two feet by someone driving a white pickup truck from Welch Air Conditioning with Texas license plate number 430LC3 (note, that may be an ‘O’, not a zero). The driver also hit the horn just as he overtook me, something that all cyclists (and seeminly no drivers) know is foolish and dangerous.

I’ll be sending a letter to Welch Air tomorrow so the event is registered with them as well.  I’m not looking for them to punish the employee (and I’ll be stressing this in the letter) because, for all I know, the guy might have been having a horrible day and decided to take it out on an easy target without knowing the potential consequences of his actions.  Lord knows I’ve done stupid things on the road when angry or distracted and I can understand when it happens to others.  However, I would hope that the owner or manager of the business will be able to impress upon the employee that driving like that will not be tolerated in the future both because it reflects poorly on the company and, hopefully, because it’s the wrong thing to do.  We’ll see.

Anyway congratulations to whomever was driving that truck this morning. You’re my first recorded assjack. Perhaps I should prepare a plaque for you, if you’d like to claim it.

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