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Playing catch-up

OK, so it’s been a long time since my last update; too long, really. So what’s been going on since then? Well, I hurt my left quad (the damn thing just siezed up on me), which kept me off the bike for about a week. I drove a lot more than I’d like, 475 miles this month, ugh. I’ve got excuses (see aforementioned quad injury and mix in two round trips to the airport, at 32 miles each way), but still, I could have done better. In other news, I got a couple of massages (that’s the good news). I’m also resuming my work on the 90DFB, though I’m altering it slightly to put a bit more emphasis on stretching and core strength. It’s finally dawned on me that I can’t ride any significant distance like the Tour du Rouge in my current state of tightness and weak-ass ass (and back and abs). I’m making it my special mission to get my hamstrings and hip flexors to a state of looseness somehere below their current suspension-bridge-support-cable level.

So all in all there hasn’t been much on the personal front to report on. However, there’s a lot of good shaking in the bike friendly community area to report on:

First came the news of the formations of Bike Friendly Knox-Henderson (whose inagural ride I sadly have to miss, thanks to the siren song of Iowa playing in my TPM’s ears) as well as Bike Friendly Lakewood (whose inagural ride I most certainly hope to attend, although the timing is pretty bad for me, again, thank you Iowa). I suppose it’s only a matter of time before I am forced to start up Bike Friendly Plano; even if it’s only to be the first one under the Bike Friendly umbrella to sport a road bike in the logo.

Next we had the announcement that the Cottonwood Trail construction under the High Five had “completed” (i.e. not done, but has reached a rideable state), which may afford me (and most of Richardson) a nicer route down to the White Rock Creek Greenbelt trail and on down to White Rock Lake and beyond. Since my route down there is already fairly nice, I may not make use of this too much, but it sure is nice for a lot of other people.

After that came the start of the annual Bike Summit in Washington D.C. and Google’s announcement that they are now offering travel directions via bicycle in Google Maps. The (still beta and asking for feedback) product seems to work pretty well. It didn’t show me the best route to/from work (it seems to think 15th is a nice street to ride on during rush hour), but it was plenty close and the community’s feedback will only help it to improve.

Then we had the announcement of the inagural Bike Friendly Richardson Urban Cafe Assault Team ride. We’re going to meet up at Cafe Brazil in Richardson, have some coffee and snacks, and then ride about a seven mile loop before heading home. It looks like a 20 mile-ish good morning ride where I get to meet some of the community again, and perhaps meet some new folk too. At the very least, I get to try a new breakfast place. I think I’m going to have to approach a few places in Plano to see if they’d be willing to host a UCAT ride. Time to bring some of the bike-love to the big P.

And then yesterday we have Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announcing that the policy at the Federal Department of Transportation is that bicycling and pedestrian travel modes are to be placed on equal footing with motorized transportation, and that the Federal government encourages state and local governments to adopt policies along these lines (i.e. you’d better change, if you want federal money to build and maintain your roads). Wow. Thank you Secretary LaHood and the rest of the Obama administration for recognizing the need to turn away from auto-centric city/road design and back to a healthier, more enjoyable, more sustainible design.

So that’s a quick wrap for the past two weeks. I’ll be back with more soon. Also, I’ll be updating this post later today to add links. I’m doing this from my phone, just so I can get someting up here again.

Hang ‘Em High!

Well my friend’s son may have just busted a bike thief in Lewisville.

He had his bike stolen a couple of weeks ago, and saw it this morning in the backyard of a nearby house along with a load of other bikes and bike parts. He called his mom and she called the Lewisville police (who I assume are investigating this now).

Anyway, if your bike has gone missing in the past few months, you may want to call the Lewisville Police (non-emergency phone number should be 972-219-3400) and see if you got lucky.

Props to the junior sleuth who may have just made someone’s day a bit brighter.