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I was just sexually harassed!

So there I was, I had just ridden to work and stashed my bike under the stairs. I was heading down the hall towards my office, wrapped snug in my Lycra bike shorts, and stripping off my helmet, glasses, and headband when I heard it, “Mmmmm… Now that’s hot.”

Now, I’m guessing the lady who said it thought I wouldn’t hear it, as it was uttered rather sotto voce and I did still have my earbuds in my ears. But unbeknownst to her, nothing was playing through them.  The Fredcast episode I was listening to finishing earlier during my ride, so I did hear it, and there was no mistaking what I heard. I was on the receiving end of a leer.

Well, if the lady who felt the need to check me out and vocalize her “appreciation” of the view is reading this, I have only one thing to say to you: I’ll be heading home around 3:45. Be in the same hall if you want another peek.

I knew all this cycling would pay off eventually!

Slowly getting better

OK, back for another overdue check-in on my driving reduction efforts.  When we last left off in July, I was sitting somewhere around 496 miles for the month, one heavy with trips to the airport and cross-town engagements, not great, but not bad either, given the circumstances.  The next two months, however, have been much better.

From July 13 – August 12, I managed to put on a mere 222 miles, and that’s with an incredible run of 100+ degree days that started at the end of July and ran for 18 straight days.  I’m really proud of myself for this accomplishment, but honestly, other than one or two particularly brutally hot days, it was still loads of fun to be out riding to and from work every day.  I almost never missed the car or it’s air conditioning for my commutes.

From August 13 – September 12, I’ve managed to keep the mileage on the car down to 311 miles for the month, and over 80 of those miles were put on after what was left of Hermine washed out a week’s worth of commuting (well, Hermine and one lazy Friday).  It’s a hair over my original goal of 250-275 miles per month, but still not too bad, if you ask me.  I still have a lot of room to improve in the area of quick trips to the grocery store as well, I plan on getting old blue prepped this afternoon and slapping a milk crate on the rack for just this purpose.  I can’t wait to give her a spin.