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Branching out

This is just a quick post to try and resuscitate this site. A lot has changed since the last update here: I’m no longer in Texas (thank god), I no longer have the bike seen in the header image (sad story), and I’ve found a new love to go alongside my love of cycling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (it makes me feel so old but I love it anyway).

And as I work my way through the maze that is BJJ, I’ll be making notes about my lessons and my journey right here, where I can give myself a place to store my learning and thoughts for future review. And don’t worry (as if anyone but me and the spambots are looking at this site), I’ll still be writing about cycling, especially since I’m now in the cycling Mecca (or Medina, depending on the year) of the US, Minneapolis. I’ve got some ambitions in that area for later this year as well, so stay tuned.