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I was just sexually harassed!

So there I was, I had just ridden to work and stashed my bike under the stairs. I was heading down the hall towards my office, wrapped snug in my Lycra bike shorts, and stripping off my helmet, glasses, and headband when I heard it, “Mmmmm… Now that’s hot.”

Now, I’m guessing the lady who said it thought I wouldn’t hear it, as it was uttered rather sotto voce and I did still have my earbuds in my ears. But unbeknownst to her, nothing was playing through them.  The Fredcast episode I was listening to finishing earlier during my ride, so I did hear it, and there was no mistaking what I heard. I was on the receiving end of a leer.

Well, if the lady who felt the need to check me out and vocalize her “appreciation” of the view is reading this, I have only one thing to say to you: I’ll be heading home around 3:45. Be in the same hall if you want another peek.

I knew all this cycling would pay off eventually!